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Make Your Job Search Suck Less

  • Organize and structure your search.
  • Save yourself from the blackhole of online applications.
  • Leverage your connections and network effectively.

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Why Sways?

Job searching has become more challenging over the past few years. It has become easier and easier to apply for jobs, but there isn't much out there to help job seekers organize and structure the process. Sways will help you organize your job search and allow you to leverage your social connections (via email, LinkedIn, and Facebook) to for an efficient job search.


Research to Results. Organize your search and be ready when an opportunity comes.

  • Step 1


    What I Want You don't have to know everything about yourself or what you want to do while looking for a job, but you should have some ideas for what you want. Use this space to verbalize those thoughts, and highlight industries and companies that interest you.

  • Step 2

    Personal Presence

    Who I Am A resume and cover letter don't fully represent who you are, and what you have accomplished. Having an online presence can be much more beneficial since you are able to paint a much bigger, and clearer, picture of who you are.

  • Step 3


    Who You Know 60-80% of people get jobs through a personal connection. You have a strong natural network that you have built up over your lifetime that you can leverage to help speed up your job search.

  • Step 4


    Quality over Quantity Keep track of your applications to highlight your daily work and progress. Figure out what type of responses you're getting, and craft a strategy for each position instead of just applying for jobs all day.


We don't think you need to job search alone. By sharing your progress with others that want to help you, you build trust and accountability.

  • Trust

    Build Trust With Your Team

    Having the trust of those you network with is one of the most important things you can do. Make sure you build trust with those you are working with.

  • Accountability

    Allow Your Team To Keep You Accountable

    It's not always easy to keep yourself accountable during a job search since you are really the only person in control. Using Sways will remind you to follow-up or reach out to that contact you have been pushing off.

  • Motivation

    Don't Let Your Team Down

    Sometimes you just need someone to give you a kick in the butt. Those who are able to view your profile and a weekly email can be polite triggers to keep yourself going and fight through rejection.

  • Career Centers

    Meet Your Students

    Don't limit yourself to your office. Sways allows you to create an online career center for your institution that is able to expand off campus and wherever your students may find themselves.

  • Companies

    Create A Project

    Provide an exmaple of a real-life experience for your job applicants, and source a higher quality applicant instead of sorting through thousands of resumes. By posting a project, applicants will have to show a high level of interest, and will showcase their qualificatinons through actual work instead of through paper.

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